"The 2% Solution"* is here!

The total commission is 2%

Not 4 or 5 or 6%

Still with the highest quality service

Introducing a new way to sell your home!

The Real Estate industry has gone through many big changes the last couple years; and the biggest change is on the way: 

the end of high commissions. 

Yes, the end of high commissions will happen 

over the next couple of years.

But the end of high commissions is actually here NOW.

2% is the total 



Not Redfin at 1%

that is really 4-6%

And not everyone else

at 5-6%

Yes, you get a Real Estate Attorney and Real Estate Broker

selling your house for thousands and thousands of dollars less than standard commissions.

You pay for the work I do, not a windfall to the real estate agent

whose commissions are fixed by the industry.

This is a better way to sell your house

and YOU win.

An example of what you save when selling

your $300,000 house with me:

My fee is 2 %, 

you pay me $6,000 to sell your house; 

instead of $15,000 to $18,000

with a standard fixed 5-6% commission.

You save $9,000 or more using my services,

and you have an attorney/agent representing you.

The more valuable your house, the more money you save!

Call me to get all your questions answered

410-262-7507 or email me below.

To find out more call me, Donald Eugene Kaplan,

Real Estate Attorney and Broker


* "The 2 Percent Solution" Is Service Marked 7/27/19

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