Real Estate Attorney and Agent

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The biggest problem with the real estate industry?

Corrupt and incompetent real estate agents.

The National Association of Realtors’ “Danger Report”, a critical look at the real estate industry’s problems by the industry’s own trade association, claims the #1 group of threats to Realtors and the real estate industry (and more importantly to you, the consumer) is incompetent agents and corrupt agents

That is why you need Donald Eugene Kaplan.
Someone h
onest, of the highest integrity; always looking out for your best interests.

I am the perfect alternative to a real estate agent. I am a real estate attorney, and a real estate agent; costing no more than an agent. You are selling your home. It's the most expensive asset you have. You need a legal professional guiding you through every step of the process, not a salesperson.

I’m the first to call out Creig Northrop, his Team and his broker Long and Foster.
Read my article here.

I’m a real estate attorney, real estate agent, and a Realtor. No one can provide better service.

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8585 Fort Smallwood Rd, Pasadena, MD 21122
Phone: (410) 255-3690

Donald Eugene Kaplan does business in accordance with Federal Fair Housing laws, Maryland’s Fair Housing laws, and local government’s Fair Housing laws, as they require Equal Housing Opportunities. © 2017 Donald Eugene Kaplan.