Honesty, integrity; always looking out for your best interests.

I am the perfect alternative to a real estate agent. I am a real estate attorney, a real estate broker, and a real estate agent; costing no more than an agent. You are buying a home. It's the most expensive purchase you will ever make. You need a legal professional guiding you through every step of the process, not a salesperson. I reimburse inspection costs at settlement for all inspections

With me you get a real estate lawyer and a real estate broker all for the same cost as a real estate agent. The fee you pay (the agent's commission) is still paid at settlement. There is no money upfront. I charge nothing additional for the legal representation. There are no hidden fees or costs.

When making the biggest, most important purchase of your life you need a legal professional, a lawyer representing you on every detail of the purchase of your new home.

I’m a buyer’s agent. I follow my passion in what I do. For me it is not about maximizing profit. It is about serving. My passion is consumer protection and I want to transform the buying process so buyers are on equal footing or better with sellers.

The buyer in the home transaction is at a great disadvantage. The seller knows everything about the house; the buyer knows nothing. Maryland law gives buyers very little actual protection when purchasing a home. You need a lawyer and a real estate broker representing you through every detail of the largest purchase you will ever make.

I want to change home buying in Maryland. I want the sellers to know when you show up to buy a home with me as your lawyer agent the seller must disclose the problems, no matter what they think they can get away with. Sellers will know going in, if they hide problems, they are going to get sued, every time.

But that’s not the way it works now. Sellers hide problems all the time and get away with it because no one looks out for and protects a buyer the way I will.

The State of Maryland won’t protect you from the real estate industry. Yes, it is the real estate industry that prevents full, honest disclosure of problems with a house. So I’m going to change this glaring problem when buying a home, one home at a time, if necessary.

Most agents just hope for the best. With me as your lawyer agent, sellers of bad houses will disclose the problems, or tell us to move on, rather than face a lawsuit.

Not happy with your present agent? Call me.

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